Saturday, February 1, 2014

Moisture regain your face

Keep our face hydrated is very important if we want to show off a healthy complexion.

Check out these tips to avoid dryness to install on your skin.

1. It takes too much water. It essential to keep hydrated skin is water, so it is recommended to drink at least 2 liter of water a day.

2. You try to apply a moisturizing mask once a week.

3. Each morning before applying your makeup to put sunscreen.

4. The night is perfect for repairing the skin in depth. Use a regenerating cream while you sleep.

5. Do not you neglect your lips, they are one of the most sensitive areas and they tend to dry out. For that, we recommend you apply Vaseline.

6.-Before going to sleep clean your face. You try to do it every night, especially if it is oily.

7. During the day seek to use light makeup. Try not to use bases cosmetics contain harsh chemicals that dry out the skin and may cause allergies.

8 Eats healthy, so the skin will not become greasy. Leave candies, chips and burgers and avoid the appearance of imperfections.

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